Unsure? You're not alone! So often these questions go unanswered by organizations of all sizes. Having a clear brand vision that is compelling, relevant, differentiated and believable is the difference between success and failure. Strong brands need to have brand stewards at all levels of an organization. To ensure that your organization is aligned on a clear brand vision, we offer a range of services from brand education sessions for staff to brand platform development programs with your executive and management teams. Creative Counts will customize an approach to address your issues and needs. 

Donna King has over 25 years of experience developing teams and driving high performance in fast paced agency and in-house marketing environments with expertise in customer research, brand development, creative marketing and design, organizational development and team building. As a trained and experienced Coach, Donna King facilitates a powerful process that helps leaders and their teams define and build a brand that performs.

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Research: Together we evaluate and assess your brand strengths, values, perceptions and business goals. 

Planning: We partner with you in a thought-provoking process that inspires, motivates, and generates strategies to define and build your brand.

Facilitation: Our sessions are designed to engage in productive dialogue to gain clarity and alignment. 

Coaching: We help overcome limiting mindsets and behaviors that get in the way of success.

ConsultationWe provide the expertise, resources, and tools to keep your marketing on brand. 
Execution: We do the work when you don't have time, talent or resources.

Donna King, Brand Marketing Consultant & Coach


We offer consulting and coaching services to maximize performance and improve results:

  • Customer Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Website and Collateral
  • Concept and Design
  • Team Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Special Projects


Build a brand that performs! We help you plan, create, and achieve your goals. Our clients range from small business owners and entrepreneurs who need help defining their brand, creating marketing strategies, and designing a website, to leaders of organizations who need help developing 

and aligning their teams on strategic branding objectives and marketing goals. 


Build a Brand that Performs

Is your organization clear about the purpose of your brand? Does your brand deliver on its promise? Is your brand meaningfully different? Are you communicating your brand message effectively? What value do you provide to your market?