As a trained and experienced Team Facilitator and Coach, Donna King combines her expertise in branding and marketing to help business leaders get the best results from their teams. From half day sessions to full year programs, Creative Counts will customize an approach to address your issues and needs.

Brand Development Sessions

Is your organization clear about the purpose of your brand? Does your Brand deliver on its promise? Is your Brand meaningfully different? Are you communicating your brand message effectively? What value do you provide to your market? Unsure? You're not alone! So often these questions go unanswered by organizations of all sizes. Having a clear brand vision that is compelling, relevant, differentiated and believable is the difference between success and failure. Strong brands have brand stewards at all levels of an organization. To ensure that your organization is aligned on brand vision, we offer a range of services from brand education sessions for staff to brand platform development programs with your Executive and management teams

Strategic Planning Sessions
Whether you are planning a 5 year corporate strategy, building a annual marketing plan, or developing a business plan for your start-up organization, we will facilitate an energizing and reflective workshop that will set you up for success with a clear plan, vision and goals.

Team Development Sessions
Even the most talented teams struggle to be aligned, lack accountability and empowerment, and deal with daily conflicts that get in the way of producing results. We facilitate sessions that foster communication and encourage teamwork so that your teams are producing results in record time. In this environment shared accountability become the norm, team members are more likely to address difficult issues, and barriers to achievement are addressed. As a result, silos tumble, productivity soars, and morale thrives.

Special Projects

We are there when you need creative support and guidance with your branding and marketing efforts. Website design, concept development, collateral materials, book development, webinar production, and more!

Live and Virtual Speaking Engagements

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Brand Building Basics

Brand Positioning Platform Workshop

Managing Brand from Clarity to Equity

Using Archetypes to Build Strong Brands

Creative Brainstorming Sessions

​Building Your Marketing Action Plan

Developing Team Vision, Mission, Values

The 3's D's: Data, Discipline and Dialogue: Achieve Results Using The Five Principles of Transformation

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Discovering your Team Strengths

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