Build a Brand that Performs

"Donna King is one of the most professional resources I've encountered. She has excellent marketing and communications skills as well as thoroughness in Project Management. I could not have written my book without her involvement and skills. In addition, her leadership coaching experience adds more value when building business relationships. She understands the key challenges business leaders face in today's enviroment. A real asset!  ~ Ed Mlodzik, Executive Coach & Author

"We had the pleasure of working with Donna on a series of Webinars.Her leadership was a major part of the success of this project. Initiative, creativity, thinking out of the box, the ability to foresee and solve problems were just a few of the skills Donna brought to the table.We are looking forward to future opportunities to work with Donna. ~ Rusty Fleischer, Program Director Anger Alternatives

"I hired Donna in January 2014 to help me with a new business idea I had. She helped me think big then helped me plan and focus on my dreams to make them a reality. Each discussion we had she listened intently and then asked the right questions to help me think out loud. This then lead to her giving me suggestions based on what I wanted to do. She always sent very detailed follow ups and gave me homework that I did before our next call. She even helped me design a logo and came up with more ideas than I could ever imagine. Her creativity, business knowledge and enthusiasm for what she does was perfect for what I needed. If you're looking for a business coach, Donna will help you get to the next level. ~ Keri Drugan, Confidence Coach

“Donna is a supportive and highly inspirational leader, challenging others to think outside the box while keeping within the parameters of the budget -- not an easy feat! Her naturally collaborative management style fused with her sense of humor made her instantly approachable. Donna's insightful people skills and sense of organizational structure helped her develop highly effective teams, fostering a sense of mutual trust, respect and teamwork throughout the department. Her own department successes have been recognized by her peers and upper management as "best practice" examples for others within the company to emulate. I would highly recommend Donna for any opportunity where collaboration and creative thinking is valued.” ~ Lisa Kuehl, Creative Director

“Donna King is one of the strongest executives I've ever worked with. She has the rare ability to marry marketing goals and creative strategy to improve performance and brand. She has excellent skills with planning and budgeting, which affect the bottom line. Donna is an inspiring leader, a great business partner and a delight to work with.” ~ Glenda Shasho, President, Shasho Jones Direct

"Donna understands the business-side of creative; she understands how to use creative to drive business results. Donna has consistently demonstrated the highest character, has intellectual integrity, and has always been a team-player. Donna’s greatest strengths are her people skills. She is an excellent communicator and is an outstanding leader of people. She has demonstrated she can lead cross-functional and cross-channel teams to successful outcomes. I respect her greatly and I would without any reservation recommend Donna" ​~ Robert Goldsmith, SR VP Marketing

"Donna is one of the most talented creative executives that I have had the privilege to work with. Her strong leadership ability allows her to build relationships with her creative staff as well as her internal and external clients. That is not always an easy balancing act but she did it very well. She brings a world of enthusiasm and drive to her role. Her continued focus on the customer and ways to grow the business is contagious. I would highly recommended Donna as she is one of the best in the industry.”​ ​Robert Hafner, VP Merchandising